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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As a New Year comes upon us once again, I look at it with excitement, apprehension, joy and content. The year of 2020 will be a year that none of us will ever forget nor should we forget, it is a year that will never slither away into the abyss of our lost memories however hard we try and it should never be.

Despite the difficulties, the twists and turns, I truly believe we have all learned something about the world, our communities, relationships and ourselves. If we were all to take a moment and look at these turbulent months that have gone by to evaluate everything, I can guarantee each and everyone of us has learned to appreciate life again, love again and reconnect in one way or another. If Corona virus has taught me anything, it is that life is precious and should be lived, experienced every day like no other and to take that step out of our comfort zones to truly live a more meaningful life

The year 2020 was a year of change, a year of reflection to realise that our pasts are just that, our mistakes are not what define us but lessons learned to live a fruiticious future with a growth mindset.

Those who know the real me will understand that 2020 was the start of my new life, a new prosperous chapter in the story book of my life. So much has changed, long gone are lost opportunities, the broken relationships and for the first time in my life I am truly happy, content and settled. I for once now fully honestly understand who I am, my belonging and I am relishing in this journey that I am embarking on.

2021 will bring new challenges, new obstacles but most of all new adventures and as I have always said it’s

“through adventure we live”.

So embrace these challenges, welcome these obstacles and live through these adventures that life will throw at us. I will admit that at times it will be hard, you will want to quit but there will be nothing more rewarding than your perseverance, which is a key to life.

I personally want to take a deep leap into adventure, clutch life hard in the grip of my hands and tackle whatever is thrown at me. So many of us hide from change, cowering away from something so pragmatic like the hermit crab unwilling to change shells, but change is what makes a difference, life is about change and this is what I have named my next adventure commencing in March.

‘Paddling 4 Change’,

I will SUP the 4 longest lakes in the UK: -

- Loch Awe

- Lake Windermere

- Lough Neagh

- Llyn Tegid

I will SUP these 4 lakes in 4 days in an attempt to set the world record for the fastest time on each lake.

Some may ask me why?…..I do not want to only push my boundaries and test myself, but I want to take my love of the sport that I adore and admire to a new level.

I also want to raise money for a cause and charity that I support and is very close to my heart, the ‘Alliance of Sport’ whose mission is to build a better and safer society through the use of sport in the Criminal Justice System and by actively helping their network in their efforts to reduce violence, crime and reoffending.

Prison reform and rehabilitation is something I am very passionate about, it seems to be a lost cause in this Country but it is very much something that needs our attention if we want to change lives for the better. We all need to come together to make a difference, bringing down the reoffending rate in this Country, creating safer communities and harmonious environments for all of us to live in. But we as a society need to come together to support those that have fallen and not let them become lost in the system any longer

‘Old dogs CAN learn new tricks’

and if you were to ask me which much loved personalities have been to prison and have gone on to achieve success you would be shocked by my answer, so many great people have left prison so let us support every individual. Just because they have been to prison does not make them a criminal, they are all human beings who have committed a crime and need some much needed help and support.

So ask yourself, have you ever made a mistake in your life and did you let that mistake control you? Does it control you now? Did it make you stronger? As I said from the start, do not let your past control you!

We can all turn our biggest failures into our biggest successes.

Do not give up, stay strong and most of all enjoy the adventure!!

If you would like to support my cause in making a lasting difference and raising awareness, then my funding page is: -

Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.

P.S - If you have a success story, a story of change, adventure or a story you want to share please contact me and I would love to hear your story and share to.

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