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4 Lakes - 4 Days - 4 World Records

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Adventure is a way of life, something that we should all embrace, yet so many of us let it slip away into the forgotten abyss and stumble from day to day. Life is one giant adventure and if we envision it that way, we will enjoy every waking moment and never take the ‘now’ for granted ever again.

My personal motto in life is “Through adventure we live”

I have not always seen it this way. If you came to me a few years ago I was a completely different person. A lost man, broken, scared and a shell of a man I once was.

My path in life was overgrown, with no destination in sight and nothing to live for.

After taking a hard long look at myself I realised I had to change, no more lost opportunities or broken promises and no more damaged relationships or hurt.

An honest life, a life to be proud of and one where I could grow and change in a positive way with every waking breath.

I have taken it upon myself to embark on a ‘journey of self-discovery’, to truly understand who I am, to help me find purpose to live a much more meaningful life.

I can proudly say that I have found purpose once again and I have ignited that eternal flame for life deep within to go out and live a much more meaningful life.

When I answer that call to adventure, I love the feeling of excitement surging through my body as I prepare for the challenge that lies ahead. It gives me a sense of being and drive to keep on going and when I am completely drained both physically and mentally, that is the point when I understand who I truly am and know the full extent of my capabilities.

These are the times that I can prove that my past and my mistakes do not define who I am and like so many, we should not be defined by our errors.

With the right commitment and attitude, I know I can go on to achieve anything I desire.

This is why I am trying to forge a career as a SUP adventurer attempting world first and world records. The peak of the exploration and adventure side of 'Stand up Paddle Boarding' has not yet been summited and I want to be out there, leading from the front, showing what remarkable things can be achieved on SUP.

With this said I am launching my ‘Paddling4Change’ campaign. The 14th June will see me SUP the 4 longest lakes in the UK, in 4 days and in hope to set 4 world records for the fastest time paddled across each.

If I am successful, then I will also hold the most SUP world records, a true triumph of determination. At times it is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I was still sitting around so much failure and negativity just over a year ago.

I have come so far and achieved so much despite the struggles we have all faced globally and this is why I also want to use Paddling4Change as an opportunity to raise both money and awareness for the ‘Alliance of Sport’, who use the power of sport in the criminal justice system to help tackle reform and rehabilitation.

This is something that is particularly important to me. I want to use my adventures as a platform to highlight the importance or reform and rehabilitation, to hopefully change the perspectives and create positive safer communities for us all to live in.

I hope that my journey can encourage others to take that small step into the unknown to undertake their own personal adventure, to get in touch with themselves once again and go on to live much more meaningful lives, lives where possibilities are endless.

If you take one thing away from reading this post, let be “through adventure we live”, now go, have an adventure and come alive once again.

- David Haze (Nomadic Paddler)

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