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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I have always enjoyed writing and I have been fortunate enough to have some of my work published in a variety of magazines and papers, however I have always had a desire to write my own blog but never knew what topic to write about. I have considered all sorts of options but never found the inspiration until recently.

For many years I have been an avid paddle boarder (SUP), I love the sense of freedom that it offers. The escape from the stresses of modern life and each time I prepare to go out on my board I’m excited about what my new adventure has in store.

With this in mind I have combined my love for adventure, travel & paddle boarding and created the ‘Nomadic Paddler’, an extreme paddle board adventurer and I am on a quest to explore and be the first person to ever paddle some of the remotest lakes on earth, set world records paddling down certain rivers across the globe, all whilst on a journey of self discovery and this will be the subject of my blog.

I have recently been to a very low point in my life and if it all ended tomorrow and I paddle to the great lake in the sky, I do not have much to show for my precious time on this planet. I need to do more with life, I want to do more with my life and get away from the conventional life of modern culture which a lot of us have settled for. Now is the time for me to finally quench my thirst for adventure, turn my life around and stay true to my values.

I write this blog in the hope to motivate others as well to go on their own personal quests to live a more meaningful life and not settle for second best.

Now seems like a great time to start my blog as the first part of my ‘Europe’s Untamed Beasts’ adventure has finally been approved by ‘Guinness World Records’, which will see me paddle boarding the 4 longest rivers in the UK ‘Tay’, ‘Severn’, ‘Thames’ & ‘Bann’ to set the world record of the fastest time paddled down each.

I will update this blog on a regular basis with my progress and interviews of people sharing their stories of adventure, over comings of adversity and all things adventure related.

Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more and I hope over time this blog will inspire others to have their own adventure and become more….

- David Haze #npadventurer

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